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DART Communications DART Communications Team (DARTCOM) logo
DART Communications (DARTCOM) is comprised of a group of technical communications specialists whose primary mission is to support the DART teams with such field communications capabilities as local area portable and mobile radio coms, long distance High Frequency (HF) radio coms, high-speed satellite voice and data coms, and multi-radio communications patching equipment. DARTCOM staff members supplement the NASA Ames Emergency Communications Center (ECC) in support of the NASA Ames Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during emergencies, exercises, and Center sponsored special events.
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DARTCOM provides support to DART in two major areas: Regional disasters that affect Ames Moffett Field, and off-site deployments. For regional disasters that affect Ames Moffett Field, they are responsible for supporting the operations of the ECC. The ECC provides the vital communication link between the Ames EOC and County, State and Federal Emergency Operations Centers. For Ames disasters or emergencies, they ensure that critical internal communications systems function as required. In supporting DART when it deploys off-Center, utilizing its emergency communications resources, DARTCOM provides the required communications link between the DART field units and the Ames EOC and other emergency response teams in the field.


12 staff members specializing in the fields of:

DARTCOM personnel are required to train at least 50 hours annually, and participate in at least two major functional exercises or real events. Besides continually retraining on existing communications systems, DARTCOM staff members are encouraged to investigate and promote implementation of more practical and latest technology wireless audio/video/radio emergency communications systems.


ECC Systems and Capabilities:

DARTCOM Deployment Capabilities:

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